Yolanda’s Family is a non-profit association founded in 2003 to shelter children living in Burundi’s streets and also to help them getting back to a family life if possible. They are orphan children and young people. Some times their family cannot nourish them. Each one of them comes either from poverty, abandonment, or even crime background.

 Nowadays, we have The Bujumbura House Centre, in Burundi’s capital city,  which shelters 25 children and young people aged from 7 to 18. Here they are and get home, food, education, health care, and even leisure activities. That means to provide the basic necessities pointed out by Infant Rights for them.

Small children go to school everyday while the older learn a work in order to have a job and enter the society. We also provide them with financial help so they can run their own carriers or business later. They help other children from our “Family” in return.

Yolanda’s Family manages to put children back into the society that used to exclude them. This is our Great Success. Our homes are a point of reference to the whole neighbourhood in present days.





Many children lost their parents as a result of the warfare conflicts that desolated Burundi.