Yolanda’s Family NGO was founded by Eric Zapatero  in 2003 to shelter 8 streets children from Ruyigi, Burundi.

In mid 2003, Fabien, an 8 year old kid, asked Eric for money to eat. He had been hit by a run away car and got a broken and gangrened leg. His parent disappeared during the war crisis and he remained homeless. He lived outdoors with Ruyigi’s central market custodians.

Eric took him to the hospital where he had surgery. After the hospital, Eric welcomed him at his house for a while. The house soon got filled of Fabien’s friends and other kids with similar backgrounds. Since then Eric decided to rent a house to shelter and feed them.

Currently, Yolanda’s Family is not only a foster home for troubled children but a meeting point where hungry kids come for food as well to watch TVrong.



Foundation times where hard, as some kids had lived in the street over the years. Since they were just 10 or 11 they became little criminals, and alcohol and drug abusers. Bailing them out of jail was frequently necessary to bring them back home.