Foster Home

Yolanda’s Family association is a foster centre for children living in the street. So we provide home, food, psychological support and education for them.  Now we care for 25 children and young people aged from 7 to 18. Our Centre is managed by 4 people from town: 1 supervisor, 1 assistant, 1 cooker and 1 janitor. Besides, there is a person helping with administration and supplies from outside. At the present time, the central home of the association is in Bujumbura, Burundi’s capital city.

Many children lost their parents as a result of the warfare conflicts that desolated Burundi.


Education is essential to keep the children out of the streets and offer a better future to them.  Because of that, every child participates in an educational program. They must attend the school and they also get extension classes in the afternoon to have them up to date. Young people who cannot enter school have some workshops about mechanic, needlework, hairdressing, and music. Their achievement is remarkable. And all of them are outstanding students due to their great enthusiasm. School attendance promotes their success and socializing.

Education is not for free in Burundi. Just those who can pay have access to school.


 Kids use to live in the street as a consequence of poverty and family’s destruction. Yolanda’s Family welcomes them and tries to return them to their former families, if possible, after the foster time.
This is a slow and gradual process, where families get economic and social support from the Association witch looks for a natural reinstatement. Our aim is that children can come back to their families after that long time of living in the street.

Many children lost their parents as a result of the warfare conflicts that desolated Burundi.

Labour market

In order to obtain a good job for young people, Yolanda’s Family supports the creation of micro business.  This people support in some economic way the Association and help the children in the Home to have vocational training. That is our way to encourage cooperation among people inside Yolanda’s Family Home and former members.


Leaving the streets is not enough for young people. It is crucial that they learn how to work and get a job for a living with dignity.

Psychological and Health Care

Children have qualified staff able to give them appropriate psychological support to reach a complete human development. They have suffered great traumas from childhood and they need professional help. Children, employees, and families have health care as for the signed agreement between Central Hospital and Yolanda’s Family.


Health Care is possible but only if you can afford it.

Apoyo sanitario a mujeres refugiadas

Women are a very vulnerable minority in Burundi. They are often mistreated and raped. As a result of that they suffer from illness that cannot be healed because they can’t pay hospitals.
Yolanda’s Family arranges health care for 50 women from the refugee camp in Rugazi, inside Bubanza’s region. We have signed an agreement with Bubanza’s Health Centre and Bujumbura’s Central Hospital. As a result of that, women and their families can reach medical care.

Women often suffer mistreatment and sex abuses. They rarely go to the hospital.